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Brian  Platz
With a Surname of Platz, one might wonder
about the ties I have to Ireland and more
specifically County Clare and Kilkee.

Both my grand parents were from County Clare,
Mary Ann Talty of Kilkee and Peter Falvey
of Kilmalley. They both independently moved
to Kansas City, where they met and soon after
moved to San Francisco and got married.

Born in 1962, I have come to Ireland in 1972
(age 10), 1978 (age 16), 1980 (age 18) for 2 years, 2001 (age 39), 2005 (age 43),
2009 (age 47), and 2012 (age 50).

When I graduated from high school in California, I took a year off before attending college
(which really turned out to be one year and
nine months). I moved to Kilkee and lived with my relatives, the Talty's, during that 1 year 9 month period.

Since age 15 I have been into Photography. I ran my high school's photography dark room for the last three years I attended. When I moved to Kilkee in 1980, I brought my entire Black and White dark room to the back room of the Taltys Shop (presently Hayes) on O'Connell St. I secretively had a little side business going on in taking, developing and making prints of various events and occasions. In 2001 I went strictly to digital photography. I presently own the Canon 20-D Camera with a nice variety of lens

The 1980 Black & Whites, on this web site, are only a select group of Photographs taken during that period. All the other groups of photos were taken in the summer of 2005, when my family and I stayed in Kilkee for a month.

Since 1998, I have owned my own business (The Web Doctor) for developing Internet Web
Sites and Database-Driven Internet Web Applications. Before then I worked for various State and Federal Agencies - See My Online Resume For Specifics. This web site is an example of some my programming skills. It has a full blown secure (SSL) shopping cart for ordering photographic prints from

  Brian Platz
  The Web Doctor